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2020-21 Annual Progress Report

Agriculture in EVERY Classroom, Inspiring EVERY Student!

At AITC-C, we are committed to cultivating meaningful connections to agriculture and food for students and educators across the country.

Accurate Balanced Current

Alongside 10 provincial member organizations, we offer resources, initiatives and programs that are ACCURATE, BALANCED, and CURRENT, and science-based. Together, we’re inspiring Canadian students to care about the food they eat and where it comes from.

Agriculture in the Classroom
BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
Ag for Life
Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan
Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba
Ag Scape
Ecole O Champ
Agriculture in the Classroom New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Agriculture in the Classroom P E I
Agriculture in the Classroom Newfoundland

A message from Johanne

Despite the distance, this past year has been all about gathering together – meeting of the minds to define AITC-C’s path forward and charting our road to success. It’s very empowering to come together with our members, partners and stakeholders to move towards our common vision – to bring the dynamic story of agriculture and food into every classroom across Canada!

Johanne Ross
Executive Director

When we ENGAGE with students and educators, we LEAD the way in agriculture education, we EMPOWER our partners to participate, and we GROW – together!


student experiences in agriculture education this year

Curriculum Connected Resources Matrix & snapAG Information Sheet views

Students across Canada participated in Little Green Thumbs

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Your Input Built Our Framework

After holding impact framework sessions in every province, we’ve laid out our path to success in agriculture education in this fulsome report!


National Stakeholder Session

Provincial Sessions

people signed up to join the conversation

of comments captured

Our consultations with a wide array of experts – from educators to farmers to government representatives – brought about our framework for successful learning. Our plan is clear:











When we put these crucial pieces together throughout a student’s journey from K to 12, we are nurturing agriculture literate Canadians!

Ag career resources at your fingertips

In April, we launched, a one-stop shop for agriculture and food career resources. This innovative and interactive learning tool provides personalized career suggestions to students in Grades 5 to 12 and offers engaging materials for everyone!

Thank you to Cargill, Farm Credit Canada, and the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP) program for their generous support of this project!

career profiles to inspire you

The thinkAG website is a great way to help students think about their interests, whether that’s technology, communications, finance – you name it – and to see that all of these have a place in agriculture. I’m excited to see students make these connections.

– Darren Gasper, Superintendent, Sun West School Division

10th Annual Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month

To celebrate a decade of CALM, we kicked off the month with an announcement from the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. Alongside our 10 provincial members, we virtually connected with thousands of students, teachers, and parents, in schools and homes nationwide! To mark the occasion, creative virtual elements were added, including the release of 10 online, interactive resources for educators.



participating provinces



interactive e-learning resources developed



years of CALM



student experiences over 10 years



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2.8 million

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Thank you

Thank you to all of our members, volunteers, and supporters who helped us celebrate this amazing milestone by sharing their time, videos, messages, and agri-food stories! We couldn’t have done it without you!

CALM would not have been possible without the support of Cargill, Corteva Agriscience and CAP.

Curriculum Linked Resource Matrix Now Available in French

Toggle between both official languages to find the resources you need!

English curriculum outcomes

French curriculum outcomes

Outcomes added for Quebec

Explore More

Check out what’s new with our resources, initiatives and programs!

Students enjoy reading next to the garden. Smelling the earth and plants is calming. For other students, it’s an exciting place of exploration, discussion, investigation. They are ignited with excitement when they see the first germination and they monitor the changes from day to day. The garden inspires new learning about soil, insects, plant varieties, and seeds. The garden is a giving place for students to take in what they need for their day.

– Teacher, Saskatchewan

genAG is like a gift that keeps on giving…genAG creates such a buzz within our school, we are finding that our Agri-Science and Animal Science courses are becoming more and more popular with students.

– Teacher, PEI


With the support of our steadfast leaders, AITC-C is reaching more students in the classroom than ever, whether at school or at home.

From west to east, AITC-C is in every province

Our incredible provincial member organizations are bringing agriculture education to students across Canada. These members, who also make up our board of directors, are the delivery network between Canadian classrooms and agriculture education resources, initiatives, and programs. Together, we are forging the path to success in agriculture education.


Meet Our Board

Pat Tonn


British Columbia

Luree Williamson


Sara Shymko



Sue Clayton

Vice Chair


Taylor Selig


Mathieu Rouleau


Stéphane Sirois

New Brunswick

Laurie Loane

Prince Edward Island

Rebecca Sooksom


Nova Scotia

A message from Pat

Although Agriculture in the Classroom is well established in many provinces across our country, our organization Agriculture in the Classroom Canada is five years young. It brings together the strength and expertise of all ten member provinces toward our vision “Agriculture in every classroom, inspiring every student”.

Pat Tonn

Our People

The AITC-C team is dedicated and passionate about agriculture and food! Our staff works hard to stay current in the ever-evolving landscape of agri-food education.

Our People

The AITC-C team is dedicated and passionate about agriculture and food! Our staff works hard to stay current in the ever-evolving landscape of agri-food education.

Meet Our Board Advisory Committee

In February 2021, AITC-C formed a Board Advisory Committee (BAC). Comprised of experienced and passionate individuals from across Canada, the BAC members offer their perspective and insight as we work towards achieving our strategic goals.


AITC-C wouldn’t be the organization it is today without our generous foundational partners! As funders and advocates, they are knowledgeable trendsetters in agriculture and food that are committed to AITC-C’s mission.


new partners this year and growing!

Click below to read messages from our amazing partners!

$1.6M in Funding for New and Expanded Tools

In March, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), through the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP), announced just over $1.6 million in funding for AITC-C. Over the next two years, this funding will help us offer and expand innovative teaching tools and initiatives to students across Canada.

AAFC is a champion of agriculture education. This strong partnership and collaboration continues to allow us to enhance our work.

It is absolutely essential that young Canadians understand where their food comes from. They must know what farmers’ work consists of and how hard they work to take care of their animals and our environment in order to provide us with high-quality food.

– Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau

To Our Partners

Because of your support, we’re able to bring the power and benefits of agriculture education to millions of Canadian students and educators each year. Thank you!!

We are proud to collaborate with these great organizations to increase our reach and impact

Motivated to help students think + know = feel?

Partner with us today and be a part of the impact equation!


Opportunity, innovation and growth always follow challenge! AITC-C skillfully pivoted to offer more experiences virtually throughout 2020, reaching students in new ways, like:

Canada-Wide Virtual Farm Tours

For the launch of CALM and on Canada’s Agriculture Day, students and educators joined us on farms from coast to coast.

We will be just as busy for the rest of 2021!

Virtual farm tours in 2021

Up to

students joined in

To celebrate


LMS to Launch This Year

Our team is diving into the development of a customized Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS will facilitate the expansion of several resources, initiatives, and programs and will provide exciting opportunities for AITC-C to engage teachers and students.

Business of Food Expansion

The Business of Food will become part of our LMS and will be available nationally, at no cost to participants, thanks to Bayer Crop Science Canada! These online learning modules, developed by our member AgScape, bring knowledge about agriculture and food to education professionals.

With hundreds of educators having already completed the program, we’re excited to see the same success in every province!

New snapAG Sheets Coming Soon

Incredible new snapAG sheets are coming your way, including sheets with an Indigenous focus.

sheets added since last year

sheets being released in 2021 and 2022

sheets to explore

Teacher Guide and Resources Coming This Fall for the Guardians of the Grasslands documentary

Working with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation, we’re developing education resources for Guardians of the Grasslands. The film explores the state of the Great Plains grasslands and the vital role cattle play in its survival.

Coming Fall 2021: Updated connectAG Resource

We’ve re-connected with the farmers in this interactive resource and now have a profile for all 10 provinces. ConnectAG helps Grade 7 to 10 students understand what agriculture looks like across the country!


Career Aptitude App and Career Game Coming Fall 2021

The thinkAG Career App is an immersive experience for students in Grades 9 to 12 that will help them understand which careers match up with their interests through the Holland code (RIASEC) system. Students can also use their results in other thinkAG offerings, like the Career Case game!

Career Case is a gamified learning experience for high school students, originally developed by AITC Saskatchewan and expanded by AITC-C, that encourages students to explore how people in agriculture careers help to solve real-world issues.



Thank you for coming with us on this journey to celebrate the past year! We can’t wait to raise the bar in 2022!

Do you want to help get Agriculture in EVERY classroom, inspiring EVERY student?